Friday, November 1, 2013

Bryan Story
I can’t be heard I can’t be heard
This wind howls and hurls my voice away
I am so small I am so small when trouble comes
I have to hop from branch to branch
My broken wing it traps me
My feeble call betrays me
In this wind my mate can’t hear me
But if I look and look at this moon
The gypsies say
And if I look and look and look
I heard them say
My eyes will burn my body turn
If I do not blink my eyes will burn    
So I do not blink my eyes they burn 
I can see the moon and feel my feathers
Turn to fur my beak grow teeth
This broken wing a hairy leg 
One of four and claws
Claws like this I never had before
And fur and teeth
And my voice my song howls it howls
Above the wind
And my moon yellow eyes turn to you and burn

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