Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wanda VanHoy Smith
I had a nightmare about my computer companion
His initials are EEE and my machine is as alive to me
as Hal, the robot was to travelers in the 1968 film,
I have named EEE Edward Ernest Energy
Eddy knows the importance of being Ernest
A dream full of Energy and explains everything
This brilliant brain on my desk contains my files,
documents, address book, a free public library,
technology, antiques, catalogs, History, philosophy,
psychology, poetry.
Google knows everything.
EEE is my healer, postman. entertainer, advisor. Priest
My social life depends on Facebook.
No wonder I panic when a dire nightmare heart pops up
on his pale screen when I surf the web.
This could mean a wooden horse or poor protection.
One box of orders after another piles on top each other.
I always have trouble following computer instructions,
When it finishes counting the worms I shut down and
call for help to find the bug who infects windows..
Now that I have known the wisdom of a computer It's hard
to go back to Webster and Roget.
A wise woman who never had children
told me you can't miss what you never had,
This is not true because I miss him almost as bad
as I miss Google and Facebook.


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