Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Petrouchka Alexieva
The moon is hanging
Exactly out there,
Up in the sky,
Exactly where
In this creepy night
Witches are taking
Their glorious flights.
Kids are hiding
Under the blankets
Scared to death
Of glowing pumpkins
With huge broken teeth
And spooky noses!
Skeletons’ singing 
Twisting in poses!
Bats and owls
Are flashing their eyes!
Shadows are running
On their broken toes!
Screaming and yelling
Demons and Ghouls
Are shaking the beds!
Goblins with claws
Are quaking their heads!
Zombies are talking!
Gargoyles are knocking!
Griffins are flapping
Gigantic wings
"Where have you been?
 It is Halloween!"

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