Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Michelle Angelini (AKA Rina Rose)
There was no difference
between our lives, at least not then.
As the years passed, I could see changes
– small ones at first, then they grew larger –  
We never parted physically, yet grew
apart so much I didn’t know you.
What happened? Maybe it was the gained
abilities. I don’t know. We were no longer
complementary beings.
The first time I read your mind
I knew that you were farther away
from me than I was from you.
Still, you controlled me,
and I was under your spell.
There were new ones, others
that came. You brought them
to make me angry. I could
do nothing against you, since
you pulled the strings.
Now I hang in the storeroom.
My eyes full of dust.
My heart empty
of what you took from it. 
You still control my motions
and passion. Yet I am powerless
against you moving me the way
you always did.

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