Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Michael J Cluff
Professor Henshaw
noticed  Uriah Heep
entering the conveyance
at 10:32 on a Thursday night
the obsequious one
just kept bowing
until his head detached
and ended up on the teacher's
dead black wingtip shoes.
Kristie Payne
was shocked to see
a wisp of a specter
hiding in the corner
late Monday,
the spittin' image
of Emily Dickinson
both were not shocked
by the dead fly
right at the edge
of their granny clodhopper feet.
Nancy noticed
right after entering
from the first floor Chem lab
that the salt of tears
could not easily disfigure
formica and bad brass fixtures
as it had the beaker
a few minutes ago
just under her upset eyes.
And the sound of her long lost
love, Lorenzo,
crying himself,
in the space
about three times as big
as his permanent house
now in Lycott Cemetery.

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