Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maria A. Arana
P.O. Box full of junk mail
like secure e-mail
Who else lurks
in these envelopes?
What’s this?
A letter?
It can’t be
From Poochie!
within my grasp
addressed to me
from my favorite toy
Toys came and went
in childhood
but Poochie understood
I had to let her go
The letter thanked me
for moving on
A long list of things
we did together followed
But wait
there’s more
Poochie’s been up to extra
What a shock it is to hear
Poochie escaped
No garbage landfill
could detain her
Traveling light
Only one ear missing
All these years
visiting children
Children who resembled me
Creeping into their homes
Suffocating them
… a rare form of death
Poochie is sorry
and the contact is
for a reason
much greater than this
Poochie has found me
Traveled with handicap
And will come in the night
when I least expect
Oh, Poochie!
How could you?
You don’t understand
I don’t have the ear!

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