Sunday, October 27, 2013

Karen Schwartz
My life is like a coffin where the darkness steals the sun,
I cannot move, I’m trapped inside, my body’s going numb.
It’s hot in here, the air’s so stale, I’m anger’s helpless prey,
It strikes me with a vengeance without mercy or delay.
The smell of flesh engulfs me and the pain’s so hard to bear,
Aching, I lay buried; I’m not going anywhere.
As I lie here I am thinking why has no one given thought?
To invent a double coffin so there’s company while we rot.
Loneliness wants to see me she is knocking on the door,
Is she looking for a friend or just to use me as her whore?
Insidious is her form of pain and her spell is so serene,     
She’s been inside my casket I forgot where she has been.
People try to tell me my despair will pass away,
My life is like a coffin, I die more and more each day.
Uncertainty is a part of life, but there’s one thing that I know,
When you walk a tightrope every day, you can’t go with the flow.  
Safe inside this chamber I’m consumed with nothingness,
A life of broken dreams and one of tragic hopelessness.
Will someone please deadbolt me, in I’m past the point of sad,
My fate is sealed, I’ll live with it; my coffin’s not that bad.
When your life is like a coffin, you no longer have to juggle,
I’m giving up, I’ve lost the game; it’s just not worth the struggle.

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