Friday, October 25, 2013

Joe DeCenzo

Crisp silence shepherds long shadows of dusk
Heavy arid night ushers movement in the brush
Twigs snap, leaves crinkle beneath stalking paws
Frenzied howls surround fearful eyes
The craving of the pack yields no escape
Yelping, barking
Educating pups
On the art of conquest
Thoughts of my companion
Missing from sight
Spur my flight inside
My knotted stomach
Hinders movement to each room
Overturning each chair along the way.
Every closet opened; each hamper emptied.
The screeching of the wild
Ringing harder in my ears.
Terror dominates the peace.
Each menacing howl becomes
A fang incising my intestines
Leaving wet anxiety
Pooling on my neck.

You’re deaf to my voice.
Your name bounces unanswered
Off walls of vacant rooms.
My parched mouth searches for drops of water on a sand dune.
Unable to breathe, I swallow air like mouthfuls of paste
When glinting eyes on a cluttered desk of paper
Bring my relief.

The chorus of howls fade.
The quiet creeps back
But for your purring
On my lap.

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