Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jessica Wilson
Ring in this song
So my soul can feel again.
      Vacant eyes
They see light
Know the moon and sun,
But never does it fill,
My soul.
      Just eyes of pain,
Transparent to the water
In my eyes –
       A flash of soul,
Love, your hands once showed the story
Our love ---
Your smile once told our story,
But now,
Now I’m lookin’ to use my soul again
Let the laughter keep,
Like the ashes that bless my skin.
      Soul gone dry
Dry as sunlight over crackled pavement.
Dry like the tongue tasting wine –
Until the breeze flows through my window
And tickles at my nose – like your fingertips once did –
      Mama, there is no more soul,
It flew out the window
In the draft of your goodbye.

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