Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gloriana Casey
The garden has politicized;
a shocking truth---but fact!
For hummingbirds are fascists now;
democracy's been hacked.
"Attack! Attack," bird's warring cry,
in Nectar Feeder War.
"We want it all! We want it all--
until there is no more!."
With danger streaking through the air
the garden ceased to be.
Battle Charge of the Flight Brigade!
A tragedy to see.
The scrub jays on the lookout there,
find danger in their sight.
They scream and shout, "Beware, beware,"
from morning through the night.
The squirrels push doves from feeder ledge
and chatter endlessly.
"It's mine, it's mine, all seed is mine!
All seeds eternally!"
My  friend just sighs and gives reply;
his answer can't be true.
"Nature is cruel --- like human kind.
you know that. Yes, you do."
A sleeping bee is dragged by ants
and buzzes helplessly.
"Oh, I've been gassed by pesticide;
this woe for you and me."
Insanity! This can't be true
for Nature has  such grace;
a give and take in balance there,
not like the human race."
And as I raged a hummingbird
flew right up to my eyes.
"Assembly has been banned," he hummed
"you're speaking thoughts! You're spies!"
Then to the right we saw a swarm
of wasps assembled there.
"We're ISA," said wasp leader,
"Insect Surveillance Air."
"Good God," exclaimed my screaming friend,
"this garden is a trap!
Just like that Venus Flytrap there
this garden will go---SNAP!"
We raced into the house---wasps swarmed,
the windows soon turned black!
We dialed for help to 911
but shock took us aback!
For answered there a buzzy voice,
"You have no rights, " said he.
I'm General Buzz, you're judged guilty.
and prisoners you must be."
In horror did my friend and I
search in each other's face.
These talking insects, bombing birds---
end of the human race?
"Good grief," yelled out my swooning friend,
"I see it clearly now.
The gifts of Earth once given us
will war on us---and how!"
Then overhead, a dirge was sung
in low crow voices slow.
"For what you sow, you'll reap; it's true.
All food is GMO!"
This  garden old---as in Earth time,
a gift to humans all;
polluted, warred upon and maimed,
the Garden's final fall.

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