Friday, October 11, 2013

Marvin Louis Dorsey
Do you want to hear a scary story  
I'm out there in the desert where I live right
and one particular night there's no moon
just some stars shining some dim light
Now for whatever reason I couldnt sleep
its like 2:30 in the morning and for whatever reason
I decided to go for a walk 
me and my big mean dog
so I we thought
20 minutes into this unexpected journey 
it's dark as well it's real dark
and my big mean dog
stops his happy little trot
starts sniffing at nothing but cold air
so I thought
The darkness as always remained still
me I quickly realized
this was a bad idea
Because oh i'd say maybe 50 75 feet
in front of us was a single noise
Now the darkness has this chill clinging to it like dead skin right
mans best friend has the fur all along his back standing up right
and me I quickly realized
this was a real bad idea
Because now that single noise has be come three
and had started breathing thin layers of fog
from behind petrified fingers could almost see them staring at me
Now most of the time my mind and body are one
but on this particular night
Before my mind had the thought to run
my body was already running
Now here's the funny part
my dog was like
Naw bro
I dont know
what's out there breathing
and making that noise
but it's gonna get you
before it get me
And he was in the wind
all I saw was his tail
dust getting kicked up
like a hundred yard down the road
moving out of sight
After who knows how long
I get back home
dog damn near bit me
my girl turned to run
Because the desert and sweat
had me looking like
a the mud monster

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